12 Adventures

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I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!! I was totally captivated and drawn into Ali’s adventure!…Love the idea that middle agers can feel alive and look forward to adventures….I simply cannot wait for Ali’s next adventure.

12 Adventures – The 12 Adventures of incredibly imperfect Ali Gilmore

An original, interactive series of short films following 12 bucket list adventures of a 50-something, stage IV cancer fighter, designed to inspire others to go after their bucket list regardless of their own challenges.

happens when the music begins and the dogs blaze thru white purity – the only thing visible is a grinning focus. Ali is genuine, Mark is affable and the episode, convincing. Color me — going!

12 Adventures – The 12 Adventures of incredibly imperfect Ali Gilmore

Each filmed in a day and on a micro budget, this series of little films with big heart will entertain and inspire viewers to take those dreams off the shelf and set them back in motion.

MUSH – 12 Adventures
Our first filmed adventure “Go Dog Sledding” is now streaming on Amazon and Amazon Prime

Featuring music by Montanan artists, Kati O’Toole and Luke Dowler


About Ali: Ali was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer on her 45th birthday in September of 2010. Since then, she had undergone years of on again/off again chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Ali is currently in her 4th remission and is determined to make the most of life while inspiring others.

Learn more about Ali at: www.aligilmore.com.