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Ali Gilmore - 12 AdventuresIn the summer of 2010 I was working my 15th year in technology, feeling burnt out and pretty middle aged.

If you’d told me then that in the few years to follow I would; face and survive stage IV colon cancer, publish 2 books that prepare and inspire others to fight this disease, become a sports photographer with a highlight of covering David Beckham’s final US match at the 2012 MLS Cup, write and perform over 30 original songs, then professional record a CD of my music, I would’ve thought you were some kind of twisted Tony Robbins wannabe, but this has been my life to date and it is amazing.

So after all that, what’s next?  Knock some items off the ever growing bucket list, that’s what.  So far I’ve jumped out of a plane, swam in the Mediterranean, stood on the Cliffs of Moher, floated along the canals of Amsterdam and I’ve shared these adventures with everyone on social media in hopes of inspiring them to pick up some of their dreams, dust them off and set them back in motion.

12 Adventures will be me, doing what I do best, going on wacky advetnures and sharing them with everyone who wants to be part of it, but taking it up a notch and involving you all on a much larger scale.  There will still be video clips and snapshots, but these adventures will be much more interactive; inviting you to have your say on which adventures we go on, what will happen on them and live streaming from location.  Plus, we’ll have the best of the best story tellers capturing the day and weaving it all into an inspiring episode that can be streamed 24/7 on the 12 Adventures Youtube Channel.  These adventures are do-able and with each episode we will share hints, tips and deals for making each adventure attainable to even the meagerest of budgeters.  A veritable Rick Steves meets Indiana Jones.

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FIND OUT MORE AT: www.aligilmore.com.


R3 Films – Ali Gilmore’s CD release event – March, 2014