How many times have you uttered the words, “Next year.” or “One day…?”

12 Adventures – The 12 Adventures of Incredibly Imperfect Ali Gilmore is an original, interactive series of short films following the 12 adventures of a 50-something, Stage IV cancer fighter’s bucket list, designed to inspire others to go after their own bucket list regardless of their own challenges.

How many times have you thought about making a great escape or going after a big ticket item on your bucket list?  Maybe you scratched down a few big ideas on a notepad while daydreaming at the office.  Maybe, you even went so far as to elaborately plan it all out with a couple friends or family only to back out before the big day for whatever reasons we give; “The office can’t do without me.” “I can’t afford it.” “I want to wait until I’m in better shape.”  How many times have you uttered the words, “Next year.” or “One day…?”

For too many, this goes on until they truly can’t physically make the trip for all the money in the world. It’s a sad realization that I nearly fell into myself.

In September of 2010 Ali Gilmore was blindsided by the diagnosis of Stage IV colon cancer. It was a harsh dose of “Wake up and smell the fact that life is fleeting and seriously unpredictable.”

Since her diagnosis she has experienced the following firsts; jumped out of a plane, swam in the Mediterranean, stood on the Cliffs of Moher, floated along the canals of Amsterdam, become a sports photographer with highlights of photographing greats like; Beckham, Keller, Ronaldo, Donovan, Keane and Kaka, written and published two humorous cancer survival guides (The C Card and Me), was the subject for an original TV program (My Human Case: Cancer) and professionally recorded a full length CD of her original, Americana songs. All these were accomplished BTW, on 1/3 the income she used to have and most in between chemotherapy treatments, so what you are waiting for?


Her actions inspire others to get up off the couch and go after their dreams and her message is clear, “Don’t wait for a daunting diagnosis to go out and live a more adventurous life.”

Our first goal is to raise enough funding to make a pilot episode.  One that will entice sponsors to take notice and invest in future episodes or maybe even the entire series.

The intention is to film 4 episodes per year, one per season, so the project itself will span over three years; 2016-2020.

The theme?  Each episode will focus on what makes that location and experience unique, then spell out for viewers how they can experience this particular adventure without breaking the bank. We’ve adopted and adapted the mantra of the Three Amigas’ Travels, “Good food. Good booze. Men with accents.” to, “Good food and beverage. Live like a local. Try something new.”