Airline Miles Contribution

Besides the cost of filming/editing, airline travel is one of our highest expenses.

30,000 miles is the average needed for coach class, domestic travel (within the US) and 60,000 the average for travel abroad.

For your donation of:

  • 30,000+ miles
    • Special link to pre-screening prior to public release in the Summer of 2016.
    • We will add your name to our “Special Thanks” section in the film’s credits (listed in order of highest contribution)
    • We’ll post a personal shout-out to you on 12 Adventures social media.
    • Your name listed on our website’s Sponsor’s page.
  • 60,000+ miles
    • All of the above.
    • Your choice of “Special Thanks” or “In Memory Of” film credits.

Below are the mileage accounts Ali currently has setup. If you have another to offer, please contact us at: theteam@12adventures.comFor whatever part you take in the 12 Adventures, thank you!

Alaska-Airlines-logo-3 United Airlines logo
Alicia Gilmore #21793063 Alicia Gilmore #WV440514