We polled our friends and neighbors on Facebook and asked them,
“If you could go on 12 adventures, which would you choose?”
Here are the results:
  1. Witness the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Potential locations: Norway, Alaska, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Canada or Scotland.
  2. Explore Machu Picchu. Location: Peru
  3. Discover the Galapagos Islands. Location: Ecuador
  4. Island Hop and Explore the Ancient Ruins of Greece.
  5. Go Dog Sledding. Potential locations: Greenland, Sweden, Minnesota, Montana, Alaska, Maine or the Canadian Rockies.
  6. Ride a Camel and Explore the Pyramids. Location: Giza, Egypt.
  7. Family Tree (destination roots discovery). Potential locations: France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Scotland or Ireland.
  8. Catch a Big Fish and Have a Great Chef Turn the Fish into an Amazing Dish. Potential locations: Too many to list, suggest one~
  9. Orangutan Encounter – Sit down, have a chat and maybe play some music together. Potential locations: Borneo, Sumatra or South Carolina.
  10. Race a Car Across the Bonneville Salt Flats. Location: Tooele County, Utah
  11. Go Vampire/Werewolf Hunting in Transylvania.
  12. Learn To Play the Bagpipes. Potential locations: Scotland or Canada.

The remaining 3 will serve as alternates in case any of the above adventures become unfeasible to accomplish during the timeline of the series.

  • Explore some of the other 2/3d’s of The Planet (learn to scuba dive). Potential locations: Too many to list, suggest one~
  • Swim with Whale Sharks. Potential locations: Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Australia, Philippines, Seychelles or Maldives.
  • Go on a Real Treasure Hunt.
  • Be a Contestant on a Game Show. Potential shows: Suggest one~

Episodes will be filmed in the order of seasonal availability and sponsorship obtained.