Adventure #2 AYE – Road Trip Scotland

Ali: was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer on her 45th birthday in 2010. Since then, she has undergone numerous chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Ali is currently in her 4th remission and determined to make the most of her 4th lease on life while inspiring others. Learn more about Ali at:

The intent of each 12 Adventures film is to be entertaining, informative and character driven, with a focus on the location and its surrounding areas (what makes them unique and meaningful), leaving viewers with a clearer understanding of how to make the bucket list adventure happen for themselves without breaking their neck or the bank. Featuring music from artists of the area as well as interviews with locals.

AYE: Viewers go on a virtual ride-along with Ali as she drives from the coast to coast of Scotland.

As with each 12 Adventures film, AYE will follow Ali’s tried-and-true travel guidelines:

  • Good food and beverage
  • Get to know the locals
  • Learn/Try something new

Why Scotland?

Ali explains.  “I’m a Gilmore.  My father was a Gilmore. My mother was born a Gilmore. Ireland and Scotland are in my blood and an integral part of my DNA .  When I was a little girl, my mother used to have to tie a string to my waist during the local Salty Sea Days parade because when the pipe band marched by I couldn’t help but follow them along the parade route.  I loooove the sound of bagpipes and the taste of Haggis. I’ve never been much of a Scotch gal, but my dad enjoyed it, so it seemed a fine tribute to go on a tasting or two.

I’ve been to Scotland once before, in my mi-20’s (early 90’s). I was curious to see if it had changed much since my last visit…

Part of the road trip is with my good friend and travel buddy, Meredith Letts, part is with my sister Shannon and part is a return visit all on my own.  Unlike MUSH, I’ll be filming this one myself with newly acquired skills and equipment. Hoping with each film you’ll be able to witness improvement in my heath and filmmaking skills.”

AYE currently takes place in the following locations:

  • Edinburgh – Foul mouthed walking tour, respectable tour of parliament, climb Arthurs Seat
  • Bonnyrigg – Castle stay and Falconry
  • St. Andrews – Land yachting and dining in a tent
  • Isle of Aaran – live music, whiskey cheese
  • Dunkeld/Abberfeldy – historical battle walk, outdoor adventure
  • Glasgow – Patrick Thistle football match
  • Malaig – Sands of Morar, Langoustines

Want us to come to your town? Let us know: 

AYE includes interviews with the following Scots:

Bob Doris

Bob Doris, SNP

Member of Scottish Parliament

Guy & Jamie Mackenzie

Outdoor Adventurers — St. Andrews

Richie Dempsey

Sound guy for Of Men & Monsters


FEATURED MUSIC – This film will feature music by artists of Scotland

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