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A year from now you’ll be glad you started today.

12 Adventures isn’t about you just sitting there, watching someone else have all the fun.  This series is designed to entertain, yes, but also to inform and inspire you to get up and go after your own bucket list.



First and foremost, make a list.  What are the top 12 bucket list adventures you’d like to go on in your lifetime?  Got more than 12? No problem, but let’s start with the top 12.  Once you run through those, you can always create a new list!

In the list be sure to note:

  • What – Which are the top 12 adventure(s) you want to go on?
  • Where – Potential locations for each adventure.
  • When – Is it a seasonal thing? Is there a particular year you want to see this one happen in/by?
  • Why – Why is this adventure meaningful to you?
  • Who – Who do you picture yourself going on this adventure with?

Next thing’s next, tell someone.  Start talking to the people you want to go on this adventure with.  Find the people who are willing and eager to participate and then start researching together how to make it happen.

If you have questions, post them on 12 Adventures Facebook/Twitter. We’ve got a growing following of adventurers that love to share tips and insights!


We love hearing about other people’s bucket list adventures! Once you’ve completed each adventure, come on over to 12 Adventures Facebook page and share a clip or photo or if you’ve got more to say, send us your story and we’ll post it here on the 12 Adventures website.

If you’re an adventure blogger we’re always on the lookout for guest bloggers and we’d love to spotlight your travel blog.  The more encouragement our viewers have to get up and go for it, the better!


This is an independent series, so in-kind and $ support is greatly appreciated and helps propel the series forward. Check out our Sponsorship Opportunities page for more details on how you can get involved.  Or simply go to our Shop page and buy a shirt.  All proceeds go to the making of the 12 Adventures series and all contributors of $20 or more will get an exclusive link to the 12 Adventures premier episode pre-screening in Summer, 2016.

For sponsorship opportunities contact:

Ali Gilmore, Producer – 12 Adventures
(206) 834-5464 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


If you’re an unsigned artist and have some music that’s in line with the theme of the series, check out our Music Placement page for details on submitting your song(s) for placement in the series.  We love Indie artists!


If you have suggestions, words of encouragement, or want to share your adventures with us as well—we want to hear from you!

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