Minnesota – Where Friends Reunite and Family Find Eachother

Minnesota. Maybe not on everyone’s top list of bucket list adventure spots, but I had two (or 1, +5) very good reasons to want to go there.

First, my friends Anne and Sergio (the one’s I wrote the song Baby for) had moved there and when they did, I said I’d be out there soon and we’d go “snow machining” as we were told that’s what the locals call snowmobiling.  Good intentions didn’t jive with good planning, so when I realized there was an extra child that was walking and talking in their den that wasn’t even a thought when they’d left, I knew I’d let this one sit on the back burner faaaar longer than intended.

The second reason was; part of my 12 adventures involves tracing my family history and migration routes of my ancestors from Europe (France, Ireland, Scotland, Czech Republic and Holland) and during my research I discovered not only a Czech migration into Minnesota, but that I had relatives alive and well and living there today.  We’d connected through our DNA testing on Ancestry.com and the idea of meeting in person was really exciting for me.

I started my journey with the Santos’.  It’s funny how certain bonds don’t fade with time.  I’m always amazed by it. The kids were adorable and they were just as much in love (if not more) when they left. Maybe a bit tattered from all that comes with 2 small kids, home ownership and a high energy dog, but the shimmer is still quite noticeable and intriguing.  They’ll tell you that they have a very strong team oriented approach to their relationship and it’s inspiring to witness when they share another hurdle they’d made their way through.

When to go.

Everyone I met in Minnesota went on about the summers, but I saw a lot of activity in the winter there and while I was there, the skies were either mostly blue or white with snowfall.  It can get bitingly cold there, but nothing the proper attired couldn’t sort. Just don’t go driving there unless you know how to winter drive.  It can be pretty dangerous out there.

Where to Stay.

A million and one options for staying in Minnesota from their family style resorts (that boast tons of activities) to Airbnb to

Where to Eat, Drink and Be Merry.

What to Do (when you’re not eating, drinking and being merry).