Premier Film – MUSH

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The intent of each film is to be entertaining, informative and character driven, with a focus on the location and its surrounding areas, what makes them unique and meaningful, leaving viewers with a clearer understanding of how to make the bucket list adventure happen for themselves without breaking the bank, while gaining a personal connection to the location and its people, as well as featuring musicians from the area as well as other up and comers in the soundtrack.

MUSH: Viewers go on a virtual ride-along with Ali and her crew as they tour Base Camp Bigfork, meet the dogs, learn to mush and go for the ride of a lifetime, followed a fireside recap.

Why Bigfork?

teacher-dad-1958Ali explains.  “All roads led to Montana, which is apropos considering the first film will be dedicated to my Pop, who was born and raised in Havre, MT, though I’m sad to say he passed away before we could make this film happen. Pop was always supportive of my crazy/creative schemes and dreams. He would’ve really liked this, all of this.

We chose Bigfork in particular because we wanted to find an adventure and location that wouldn’t be your first thought when someone says, “Let’s go dog sledding,” because it’s not saturated by the tourist industry and therefore, still very much authentic. Even music placement was magic. One look around and we found great talents from the surrounding areas and chose to feature the music of Montanan artists, Kati O’Toole and Luke Dowler. The more we looked at Montana, the clearer it became that this is where we were meant to be.”

Each episode will follow Ali’s tried-and-true travel guidelines:

  • Good food and beverage
  • Live like a local
  • Learn/Try something new


Kati O’Toole
Justin Helland
Josh Woodward
Luke Dowler

About Ali: Ali was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer on her 45th birthday in September of 2010. Since then, she has undergone years of on again/off again chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As of December, 2016 Ali is in her 4th remission (her longest yet) and is determined to make the most of life while inspiring others.

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