12 Adventures – Episode Synopsis

Prior to filming, followers on social media are encouraged to help guide the episodes by offering input on potential destinations, excursions and local experiences.

The intent of each episode is to be entertaining, informative and character driven, from the narrator/hosts to the people who make the location and experience unique and meaningful, leaving viewers with a clearer understanding of how to make these bucket list adventures happen for themselves while gaining a personal connection to the locale and its people.

Each episode will follow Ali’s tried-and-true travel guidelines:

  • Good food and drink
  • Immerse yourself in the culture (live like a local)
  • Learn/Try something new

Constructed in 4 parts:

  • Intro – what, where, when, why
  • Education/Adventure – how
  • Reaping the Rewards – celebration of accomplishment
  • Recap – recap steps to making this particular adventure happen and encouraging viewers to get up and go after their bucket list


During the opening credits, a drone cam spans across the adventure’s locale as Ali narrates (V.O.), “We were born for adventure.  It’s in our blood. It’s in our DNA and yet, somehow along the way we traded in our capes for cubicles, our wands for reading glasses and decided adventures are better left to the younger, the wealthier, the braver at heart, or are they?” Drone cam focuses in on indicator (sign, etc) of location when the episode title appears (12 Adventures – Episode Title – Episode Location).

A series of b-roll clips showing the finer points of the location as Ali narrates an introduction to area; what makes it so great, why this particular location was chosen, what the episode will entail and who will be joining her on this particular adventure.


Guest hosts are selected and announced prior to filming, on 12 Adventures social media.



Travel to, introduction to and the adventure itself.


Scene at local establishment (restaurant/bar/cafe) where team celebrate their accomplishment and experience local culture, cuisine and beverage.


Ali and guest host(s) recap (via narration over series of recap clips) the finer points of making this bucket list item happen.  Once the recap is complete, they raise their glasses in a toast.

Ali turns to the camera and prompts the viewer to get up and get started on their bucket list, “What are you waiting for…?”


Includes outtake clips and photos taken during the trip, capturing the memorable characters involved.