The Proposal


You’re about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of a lifetime. Go big!

Picture this; you’re sitting there with your love, friends and family watching the premier episode of 12 Adventures when suddenly, your proposal is there on screen, clear as day, large as life (note to self, get a bigger TV)!  Imagine their surprise.  Imagine how the story of your inventive proposal will be told and retold over the years by friends, family and viewers across the world!

We’ll cleverly weave your marriage proposal into the filming of the premier episode. Say it with sidewalk chalk, superimpose it on a landmark or any other loads of options. We can even drop clues throughout, building up to the big moment, making your proposal unique, easily accessible to anyone (Amazon Instant Video/DVD) and a great story to tell the grand kids!

We are offering this one of a kind film placement to one lucky lad or lass. We’ll guarantee you solid representation (a minimum of 30 seconds) and work with you to create the perfect placement into the premier episode. Let’s make some magic!


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February 14, 2016   11:59pm PST


If you’re chosen, you’ll be contacted by March 1, 2016 via email to get things started.  We’ll go over the possibilities together to come up with the perfect proposal.  The episode will be filmed in late Spring and air in late Summer of 2016.

We’ll drop hints via social media, but the details of who and how are to be kept a secret until the show’s pre-screening date (days before it launches on Amazon Instant Video).

Here are just a few potential scenarios for the proposal, all beginning with; visual and audible hints throughout the episode that lead up to the proposer in the final scene where:

Scenario 1 – Ali prompts the proposal looking into the camera and saying something like, “Hey (first name, last name), (first name, last name) has a question for you.”

Scenario 2 – The proposal pops up in the final scene. For example it could be written (in their language of choice) on the restaurant wall. The camera pulls away from the diners and zooms in on the written proposal.

Scenario 3 – The proposer pops up in the final scene looking into the camera and proposing.

You’ll get a grand story that will stick with you two for the rest of your lives.

Aw, we just love love!