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Here, you’ll find details of Ali’s bucket list adventures; where to go to get the best deals on bucket list adventures and what makes each location worth going to.

Each of Ali’s travel blogs contain the effects of her travel motto: good food/drink, live like a local and try/learn something new.

This is a designated portal to not only Ali’s adventures, but we invite you globe traveling adventurers to share your stories, advice and insights. If you’ve got stories or a travel site to share, msg us through the 12 Adventures Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you~

Road Trip Scotland

Ok, this is the bare bones blog to get the information out there to friends like CJ who are headed to Scotland and can’t wait for my procrastinatin’ arse to get this all down in a blog. Useful apps, tools

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MUSH – Learning to Dogsled

It’s official. The first of the 12 bucket list adventures in the 12 Adventures film series, MUSH,  is complete and up there on for all to see. How cool is that~ The thing about short films though is there’s not a

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Adventure – Ancestry. Trace family roots to their most interesting story, then go there.

Have you ever wondered just exactly what you’re made of? Most of us assume we’re a mix of some kind. Some associate themselves solely by their religion, place of birth or known/preferred ethnicity, but we are far more than that

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Ireland – Lahinch

Just a few miles down the road the famed Cliffs of Moher you’ll find the seaside town of Lahinch (also spelled Lehinch). I found this place on my first to Ireland when I asked a favorite waitress at our hotel where

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Ireland – Galway City

In county Galway lies Galway City (where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone). Driving around Galway can be a little hair raising with it’s cobble stone streets filled with crowds and narrow pathways

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